Only Happy When it Rains

Oh no, not me. I’m happy generally, unless I’m sick or grieving. Rarely do I get PMS funks. But my girl is in menopause. I’m trying but failing to recover from a horrible respiratory infection and pneumonia in my left lung.

She left me high and dry, without a reason. It was all a bunch of bat-shit lunacy about trying a failing treatment that was killing her slowly. She insisted and cancelled every meeting. I got a short breakfast with her in which she only gave me a hug, no kisses. How am I to support or maintain a relationship without being touched?!?


Published by: soBnuts

Solitary practitioner of a tradition much like Amethyst Dragon from TX, but now made mine by dragons. I was building an earth-sheltered home on a little piece of Rice mountain, and have a goal to be self-sufficient someday. I'll be winning the lottery and crowdfunding to help facilitate the building of the house and the retreat buildings. A few nice investments may help. While I enjoy it, and love some alone time, everyone needs company and I invite others who enjoy thoughts of self-sufficiency and willing to intern or take risks to come visit.

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