As I Pace the Hotel Room Floor

I figured out my soul. It’s wrenching so brace yourself.

I realized this morning that I better hold on tight to this shred of hope because it’s got to last at least six years. Six years of hell… can I do this without my soul?
I don’t know how to be alive without my soul.

She won’t fight him, no…she just gives the narcissist what he wants. Me gone so he doesn’t have to know about how gay she is. Good echo. I knew you would just give in and let me go. That was just too easy.

Thanks babe, for taking away my only family ever and letting me know you wouldn’t fight for me. I’m ruined.

I’m completely devastated. FML There is no will to continue in hell for six years, I’m so sorry baby. I wanted to hold on but that’s way too far.

See you next lifetime.


Published by: soBnuts

Solitary practitioner of a tradition much like Amethyst Dragon from TX, but now made mine by dragons. I was building an earth-sheltered home on a little piece of Rice mountain, and have a goal to be self-sufficient someday. I'll be winning the lottery and crowdfunding to help facilitate the building of the house and the retreat buildings. A few nice investments may help. While I enjoy it, and love some alone time, everyone needs company and I invite others who enjoy thoughts of self-sufficiency and willing to intern or take risks to come visit.

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