The Dog Days are Gone

Sometimes starting over is the only way. In my case, I had to let go of the dark and deep pit of where I had been, knowing I cannot possibly be sucked into that abyss again. I evolved, I expanded, and I did it faster than most people around me have the capacity to even see, let alone keep up.

I loved, I lost. I loved, I lost. I loved, and I still love. She’s right here beside me, keeping me warm. She worries too much about what others think, and sometimes thinks she can take on more than she can chew. But I’m so very proud and honored to own the most treasured little babygirl there is. And I’m challenged to find the collar I placed around her neck…Oy! It stinks to lose track of things, especially symbols like that. It hurts to think every day we can’t even follow rule 1 because it’s missing. I need to find it and work on my organization of myself and my girl again.

I have to start over on my blog, because it was causing me problems. I don’t want to insult people I love, nor to offend the stranger who may have been following this crazy pagan positive thinker, somewhat leather dyke kinky edge and age playing lunaticĀ nutjob, for some insane reason. Obviously it cannot possibly be sane anyway.

Follow the laws of the universe and you will find your happiness. Do not falter on your path, for you are right where you need to be. Feel the love that is always here for you. You will never fail too many times, get back up on your feet again do like P!nk and “Try!” or do like Pat Benetar and get hit with the best shot. Then you’ll learn not to challenge the universe/deity/spirit/God/source!

Starting over isn’t so bad. I’m proof that happiness lies around the corner. Even when recovering from knee surgery.

Have blessed holidays everyone,



Published by: soBnuts

Solitary practitioner of a tradition much like Amethyst Dragon from TX, but now made mine by dragons. I was building an earth-sheltered home on a little piece of Rice mountain, and have a goal to be self-sufficient someday. I'll be winning the lottery and crowdfunding to help facilitate the building of the house and the retreat buildings. A few nice investments may help. While I enjoy it, and love some alone time, everyone needs company and I invite others who enjoy thoughts of self-sufficiency and willing to intern or take risks to come visit.

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